2018 Sand Sculptors

FergusMulvany Photo. Jpeg
Fergus Mulvany – Ireland.
I started sand sculpting by chance in 1993 while studying sculpture in Dublin. Since then the medium and culture of sand has exploded into a worldwide phenomenon and has carried me on it’s ever-widening path from Europe to Australia and Asia to North America. Along the way I have picked up awards such as 1st , 2nd and four time Sculptors’ Choice in the Moscow International Sand Championships, 1st in the 2012 Toronto CNE International Sand Masters, 2nd and Sculptors’ Choice in the 2012 San Diego US Sand Sculpting Challenge and 1st in the 2013 and 2014 and 2017 European Championships in Zandvoort, Holland.

Beauregard M
Mélineige Beauregard - Canada
Some believe sand sculpting is art, some believe it’s a sport. While others, like Melineige, believe it’s a spiritual experience. “When my hands touch the material, when my heart opens to give life, when my head is illuminated by light, I become the co-creator of the universe,” she said. “An artist is one who spiritualizes matter.” She should know. Art is in her blood. Her father is internationally renowned sculptor Guy Beauregard, and like her father, she too has achieved international success. In fact, in 2004 the father-daughter duo teamed to win the World Championship in the doubles category. Since then she has won several individual awards and in 2016 she was Grand Champion of the World Championship of Taiwan. For me, art is a means of communication, a way to transmit the energy of life, to affirm its vastness and its beauty,”.

Barrett Cutulle
Deborah Barrett/Cutulle - Massachuettes

A graduate of the Art Institute of Boston, I feel blessed to make my living doing what I love! I am an Illustrator/Muralist Currently, near to completion of my largest Mural ever, (96’ long) and being installed under the Sargent Street Bridge in Revere Ma. As for Sand Sculpting…I LOVE IT!! I was introduced to Sand World in 2005 at the Revere International Sand Sculpting Festival where I first learned the many techniques of Logo Carving! My first years competing were in the 2015 and 2016 Revere Duo competition. My partner and I won a People’s Choice award in 2016 for our piece titled “The Color’s In the Mind”. Last year was my first year competing solo here in Revere. Another highlight of my life in sand is being a part of “Sanding Ovations” Sand Sculpting Event in Treasure Island Florida for the past 7 years!! When I am not being creative with my hands…I enjoy being creative as a part-time DJ/Karaoke Host with Deb Art’s Entertainment!!

Hoggard R resize
Remi Hoggard - Bulgaria
A sand artist since 1999. She has sculpted in international festivals and sand sculpture contests all over the world from Belgium to Canada, China to England and from Qatar to India. Remy has worked for all the major sand sculpture companies in Europe, America and Canada on several occasions. Her work has been profiled by Dutch, Belgium, English, German, Qatari, Chinese, Indian, Canadian and USA tv, radio, newspapers and magazines. She is a leading figure in the sand sculpture world. The human faces she creates out of sand are among the best in the world; they seem to be alive. She specializes in perfectly proportioned human figures and is also well known for her use of forced perspective and depth in her sculptures. Since 2003 she has been working together with her sand man, Paul Hoggard, all over the world to where ever the sand takes them. When they are not traveling they reside on their farm in Bulgaria where they live a sustainable life and grow their own organic food. Another passion in Remy‘s live are her daily Yoga practices. Remy and Paul‘s company Sandartist Ltd. Produces, organizes and creates sand sculptures for sculpture trails, theme parks, events at art galleries, (art) festivals, Royal shows, promotions, television programs, books, magazines and advertising campaigns all over the world. They made a sand sculpture for the Bournemouth Borough Council stand at the prestigious Chelsea Flower show in London in 2006, were their combined efforts won them Gold and President's award. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England viewed this sculpture and said she enjoyed it very much. Audiences all over the world have been amazed and fascinated to see their temporary sculptures appear out of the sand. Sand sculpture is an ecologically friendly art form and all their sculptures are made with heart and soul.

Steve Topazio – Rhode Island
As the story goes, 15 years ago, Steve was making a dragon in the sand with a clam shell and now he is competing along side the best sand sculptors in the world. He was given the opportunity to compete in his first master’s sand sculpting event 10years ago. Since then , this local New Englander has held his own in this impressive line up. Steve loves the energy that surrounds a Masters’ competition. Whether it is from the thrill of being up against the best or the crowd that have become just true fans. He is still pursuing his goal of placing in a Masters event. Hopefully it will be achieved in Revere Beach. Steve heads up Sandtasia Sand Sculptors of the Ocean State, based in Tiverton R.I.


Jonathan Bouchard (Jobi) – Canada
Jobi has won first place in Revere 3 times. Jobi has the utmost respect from fellow competitors as a very creative and competitive person as well as being just a really nice guy. His ideas are unique and well performed. He travels the world making sand sculptures for commercial events and has competed in many competitions throughout the U.S. Always look for something impressive and unique from this very talented sculptor.

Hoggard P
Paul Hoggard – England

A sand artist since 1991. He made his first sand sculpture on Baga beach in India. Since then he has created thousands of sculptures for events, festivals, and international competitions in England, the Netherlands, China, India, U.S.A. Canada, Ireland, Belgium, France, Denmark, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Malta, Qatar, Turkey, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, Iran and South Korea. In 2000 he was commissioned by the Royal Cornwall show to create a sand sculpture for the Queen of England. He created a farm yard scene of pigs with piglets which he presented in person to Her Majesty. Paul and his work have been profiled by several TV agencies, such as BBC and SKY TV and MSNBC .
His work appeared in international newspapers, magazines and books. Examples are the 2000 Astrid Schillings book on Sand Sculpture, ‘Châteaux de sable’, published by Hobeke (FR). The magazine Cornwall Today called him ‘King of castles’ and he is profiled in the in-flight magazine of Etihad as ‘the original sand man’. Since 2003 he has been working together with his sand woman Remy, together creating their sand sculptures all over the world. Their company Sandartist Ltd. Produces, organizes and creates sand sculptures for events at art Galleries, (art) festivals, Royal shows, promotions, television programmes (Smart, CBeebies, Blue Peter), books, magazines and advertising campaigns all over the world. They made a sand sculpture for the Bournemouth Borough Council stand at the prestigious Chelsea Flower show in London in 2006, were their combined efforts won them Gold and Presidents award. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England viewed this sculpture and said she enjoyed it very much.

sue m resize
Sue McGrew – WA

Sue discovered her passion for sand when she was 16 and this early introduction into the art form makes her one of the youngest professional sand sculptors in the US. Her flowing organic style and expressive figures have won her a number of competitions.. She also starred on Travel Channel's Reality TV show Sand Master, a two season program about the worldwide adventures of a group of America’s top sand sculptors. An artist since childhood with her three dimensional roots in origami, Sue’s first taste of sand sculpting (besides her back yard sand box) came during high school, after which she found herself hopelessly addicted to the ephemeral art form. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a BFA in Theatre- Stage Management, but chose to follow her love of sand and immediately continued her sculpting career after college. Sue continues to grow as an artist of many mediums, but until she tires of living out of a gritty suitcase, she devotes herself to sand, ice, and snow.

Ilya Filmonstev – Russia
After studying at the art college in Moscow I worked as a jeweler/goldsmith designing and making jewelry for 7 years.While working as a jeweler I started making ice sculptures and found I enjoyed the combination of traveling and sculpting. I quit my jewelry job and continued to study sculpture for 6 more years at the Moscow State Academic Art Institute of Surikov. I have been sculpting sand since 2005 while traveling all over the world.

Enguerrand David – Belgium
Artistic secondary school, Studied 1 year animation movie. Studied History of art and building archaeology. Master degree in conservation of historical towns and cities. Enguerrand started sand sculpting in 2001 as a hobby. Since 2003 he has participated in 26 competitions throughout the world. Of those 26 events, he has won or placed in all but 4 of them. Enguerrand is the current Virginia Beach International Solo Champion. Along with taking first place there he also won Sculptor’s, Choice, People’s Choice and Neptune’s Choice.

Jaku Zimacek (Kuba) - Czech Republic
Kuba Started sand sculpting on beaches of south Spain in 2003. In 2005 he participated in first international sand sculpting festival in Portugal. Since thanhe has been sculpting sand in sand sculpting events all around the world and has won several prizes in competitions. Including the international sandsculpture competition Windsor, Australia.Rorschach, Switzerland and Jelgava, Latvia

Helena Bangert - Netherlands
Before getting involved in the world of sand sculpting Helena Bangert studied at the Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam. She graduated in major sculpting/installation art. The thought of using sand as a medium came first when she was invited to make a sculpture for an exhibition at a retirement home for elderly seaman which located in a small Dutch coastal village. (June 2000) Gradually sand sculpting has become one of her major activities. (Ice sculpting since 2004). She designs and makes sand sculptures for various locations both commercial and more art oriented. Helena also worked on several big sand theme parks in Europe for different companies

Pavel Mylnikov – Russia
I was born in Moscow 14 August 1978.Moscow Academic Art Lyceum name Surikov 1989-1996 Moscow Academic Art Institute name Surikov 1996 -2002 Moscow Union of Artists 2002. The basic exhibitions and projects: Since 1999. Participant of many Moscow Art Exhibitions. Since 1997. Five-time world champion sand sculpture, the 11-time winner of the International and Russian competitions of sand sculpture.

Abe Waterman –  PEI, Canada
Abe has been creating artwork ever since he was old enough to eat crayons; he considered every new diaper a fresh canvas. Though some may still consider Abe’s output rather colourful, and he may still enjoy a crayola from time to time, he now works mostly on ephemeral mediums, such as sand and snow.

Rachel Stubbs - England
I spend half of my time travelling around the world creating sand sculptures. I started sand sculpting when I was 17 and have been hooked ever since!
So far I’ve been fortunate enough to join projects in many places, including Finland, Lativa, The Netherlands, UK, Kuwait, Italy, Spain, France and Denmark

Sandi Castle Stirling – Canada – Lessons Instructor

In every pile of sand is a castle just beckoning to come out. Sandi has been sand sculpting ever since 1995. Over the years, she has competed at the Master level in both Canada and the USA . Sandi is also an "Artist in the Classroom" in her home province where she teaches Grade 4 students sand sculpting as well as giving sand lessons to children at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto Ontario during August. Sandi is one of the original participants of the New England Sand Sculpting Festival at Revere Beach dating back to 2005. For the past 7 years Sandi has taught the Masters in the Making workshop to the children and she is back this year with loads of enthusiasm ready to inspire and teach during the days of the competition.

Raymond Poirier – Ont. Canada – Lessons Instructor
Raymond Poirier is passionate about sand and loves to create sand castles. For 6 years Raymond had competed at the amateur level placing 2nd each year at the Burlington Sand Festival in Burlington,On. This will be Raymond's 6th year at Revere as an instructor assisting Sandi Castle Stirling . He is excited about sharing his knowledge of sand sculpting and sand castles to the children.