The Children's Corner (Su 8:30a, Sa 8:30a) RTV

Based on The Slouch In The Couch series of children's learning books and hosted by Sheriff Stephen J., the town of The Children’s Corner is located in Slouch County, in the World of the Magical Couch (an old west scenario), where Black Bart’s bumbling gang attempts to cause problems that always end up in failure and other characters abound such as: the "Alphabet Chefs," who bring a quick cooking segment into the Sheriff’s house, as well as the daily word of interest (spelled and defined in simplistic form to enhance one's vocabulary) and Mr. Dill: the talking angry green pickle.  Sheriff Stephen J. also embarks upon educational trips, such as a trip to visit a couple of Asian elephants, a beach trip to do some clamming, a ride on a working lobster boat and other types of trips such as: a stop at The State of Maine Cheese Company, to see how cheese is made and the Kinney Sugar House to watch the transformation of sugar maple tree sap turn into maple syrup and a look into different types of music including by not limited to, the original music performed by The Slouch In The Couch Children's Corner Band.  The list goes on and on.