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RevereTV Spotlight 8/27

This week the Spotlight shines on longtime resident and first-time producer, Rachid Moukhabir. The debut of Zarah: Special Edition – Can Music Bring Peace to the Middle East? (Monday, 8pm; Wednesday, 1pm) expands the reach of the magazine from which it gets its title. Zarah is derived from the Arabic word for red rose, a symbol of love and beauty worldwide. The magazine is known as the “Voice of the Arab American Community.”

Hosted by Bill Jackson, this episode features a demonstration of a pear-shaped stringed instrument called an oud. Rachid describes the program this way: “The interview with Max Rose was amazing from the start for two reasons. First, Max is Jewish but he loves Arab music and second, the instrument he plays is quite rare. It is a guitar-like instrument but the sound is in no way similar to a guitar. As the interview proceeds, it becomes obvious that Max is passionate about his craft and also very talented.”

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RevereTV RevereTV Spotlight 8/27 http://t.co/bNoynXmmiG
RevereTV RevereTV Spotlight 8/27 http://t.co/D7fnNv4YJ6
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